By Judy Jeffrey

When I entered the Queen Beez hive, I knew this was a picture from my childhood. It took me back to the days my mother and grandmother would teach us how to knit, crochet, and stitch tapestries. I felt really at home with this group.

Coral Cassidy, the founder of Queen Beez, was the first one to welcome me into this timeless room. Coral has been a volunteer with the Logan East Community Neighbourhood Association for almost 26 years.

She’s had many positions from president to reigning Queen bee and the craft group has been there from the start.

“I was sitting around with friends and realised, I’m not a busy bee, I’m a Queen Bee,” said Coral as she described how the name came about.

Coral first started with about five people and has grown to a group of 20 on average. It is a very close-knit group as I found when talking to the ladies and they’re there to help each other with the different crafts, plus encouragement.

Most ladies have been in the group for a long time which really makes them a family. Many of these ladies have now made the Embroidery Guild of Queensland for their stitching.

“Because it’s winter, we tend to go for warm things,” Coral said as they were creating scarfs and blankets.

The group celebrated 25 years with a high tea where they could show off their finished projects.

The ladies all agree they’re there to ‘stitch not bitch’ and to relax, companionship and sharing time with their long-term friends.  

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