By Dr. Katria Lovell – Redlands Veterinary Clinic

We have seen a big increase in cases of the highly infectious Canine Cough, AKA Kennel Cough or more formally, Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis.

‘Kennel cough’ is a very misleading name and has sadly contributed to the spread of this highly contagious condition in the Logan and Brisbane community as many dog owners are not aware that their dogs are at risk.

All dogs that go for walks, visit dog parks, doggy day care, grooming parlours, veterinary clinics and anywhere groups of dogs congregate are at high risk of contracting this disease. It is not just a disease that effects dogs in boarding establishments.

Many dog owners are not aware that to be effective, the canine cough vaccine must be given at least once every 12 months. This is true even if dogs are receiving the 3-yearly vaccine for parvo, distemper and hepatitis – there is no vaccine that lasts longer than 12 months for canine cough.

Vaccinated dogs may still contract the disease, but in a much milder form than those dogs who are not vaccinated. Untreated or unvaccinated dogs are at a much higher risk of complication, including the development of pneumonia and other related respiratory tract pathology.

Always seek veterinary attention if you suspect your dog has contracted canine cough, as it is extremely uncomfortable for them and can cause long term health issues if not treated quickly and appropriately.

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