The Justice of the Peace service is available to everyone and is free of charge. However, due to COVID, the service has disappeared from most public locations.

Justice of the Peace service has been temporarily suspended and is not expected to return until the 7th February 2022.

A question that is continually asked on many community Facebook pages is where can I find a JP or I need one after hours to sign something urgent.

The good thing is that the service has not stopped entirely, and you can still have your documents signed, but you just need to do a little extra looking to find one.

If you require the services of a JP or Cdec, you can search the after-hours JP search to find your nearest JP or Cdec. Alternatively, you can now have your eligible Queensland documents witnessed by a JP or Cdec online through an audio-visual link. And if you have trouble using the online service you can phone them for assistance.

Justice of the Peace services are out there and can easily be found. Follow the link below if you need to find your closest JP.

Find A JP

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