Senior residents at Ingenia Gardens Marsden and prep students from Crestmead State School are sharing the gift of kindness and celebrating community this holiday season through a Christmas card exchange.

The seniors and students came together at Ingenia Gardens Marsden last week to celebrate the season and share handwritten messages with each other.

Mind and mood-boosting activities like the Christmas card exchange play a key role in lifting spirits and reducing the risk of isolation of senior Australians in our community.

Ingenia Gardens Marsden Community Manager Toni Nehring said intergenerational friendships are something the residents and children both enjoy.

“It’s a wonderful initiative that allows these two groups to interact with each other in a positive way,” Ms Nehring said.

“The enthusiasm and spirit of the children really energises our residents and brightens their day.

Christmas Card Exchange
Christmas Card Exchange

“COVID-19 really did disrupt so many aspects of our lives, but it also taught us the importance of social connections – especially for our residents.

“Being able to spend time and chat with the prep students is a tonic, helping the residents to stay connected and most importantly, stay active and social.”

Ingenia Gardens resident Bette Goffey said the card exchange was a highlight of her Christmas celebrations.

“The card exchange was very nostalgic – for many of the residents it felt like a trip back to our motherhood days,” Ms Goffey said.

“We all love children, so it was really uplifting to be able to spend time with them.

“Maxwell, the little fellow I exchanged the card with was full of life and an absolute delight to talk to. He had lots of stories to tell, and I couldn’t stop smiling during our conversation.

“Children need a lot of love and care when they’re growing up, so it was important to me to be able to write these cards and make their day a little bit special.”

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