The Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Buddhist Temple is celebrating the annual Moon Festival with a wide range of cultural celebrations this weekend.

The Moon Festival has a history of over 3,000 years and was derived from the custom of worshiping the moon in the northern hemisphere autumn to thank the moon for the harvest of rice and fruits. Ceremonies were also held to encourage the harvest-giving light to return in the coming year.

In modern times, people mainly celebrate the Moon Festival as a time for family reunions. Family dinners are held, lanterns are lit, and people share mooncakes with their friends. It is said the moon on this day is the brightest and roundest and being a romantic occasion, many people either propose or marry during this time.

A marriage is taking place at the Chung Tian Temple this weekend while other celebrations include activities for the whole family.

Multiculture Performance
Multiculture Performance

On Saturday the range of activities feature: Four Season Tea Ceremonies; 3G Family Tea Meditation; Arts and Crafts; face painting; children’s storytelling; Art Exhibition; Concert Under the Moon and refreshments available in the Water Drop Tea House.

Sunday features all the Saturday activities (except for the evening concert) and includes a traditional Chinese Lion Dance; Baby Blessing Ceremony; Market Day with over 40 merchandise and food stalls; Meditation and Tai Chi classes; Buddhist talks; and a VegRun for the Environment.

Abbess of the Chung Tian Temple, Venerable Manwang is looking forward to welcoming everyone to the weekend events.


“The Stage 2 extension of the Temple is now complete, and we are fortunate to be holding this major celebration in the picturesque grounds of the Chung Tian Temple”.

The Abbess also wishes to thank the Logan City Council for their support of the Cultural Moon Festival and the many volunteers who are providing assistance ensuring the event is a great success.

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