If there was ever a game that many try to master and yet so many play so poorly, it has to be golf. With golf comes the problems of weather, losing balls, high fees and a game that is minimal in its social aspects and not really family friendly.

In saying that, golf is a great game and you should always live your dreams of trying to be the next Jason Day. So if you want something that is really professional and yet can be played in the good ole double plugger, you need to visit Big Swing Golf in Underwood.

Having been operating for around 12 months, this family friendly venue is much more than just golf, although that is a big part. It is very social and the whole family can play and have fun.

Three of us from the magazine stopped in and had a hit and we range in skills, or lack of… It was really fun and fast making it perfect to get plenty of screen time for all of us. We relaxed with a couple of drinks and had a good laugh at each other trying to hit a ball.

The simulators are rather versatile and can accommodate league players, parties, sports groups, charity events and the everyday person who wants to have a hit. Big Swing Golf Underwood’s slogan is Real, Fun, Fast and each of these show why this is the new way to get active indoors.

Real represents that the simulators are ideal for playing on championship courses from all around the world. If a realistic golf experience is what you enjoy than you will not be disappointed with this option. Once you have the swing of the speeds and distances on the very real sim, your golfing experience becomes scarily real.


Fun is because the centre is ideal for playing a range of target and arcade games; which is perfect for groups new to golf and families of all ages. You can use the golf club to hit at a building or play blackjack and more however if you can’t hit a golf ball that is no problem. You can kick a goal with a soccer ball or football, shoot hoops with a basketball and show who has the skills and so much more.

The idea behind Fast is because playing at Big Swing Golf Underwood is ideal for playing more holes in less time. You can get your quick fix of golf after work or when you only have half an hour to spare.

The fully licenced venue caters for all kinds of players and if you don’t have clubs it’s no sweat as there are plenty to use for free. Located in The Zone complex on Compton Road, there are food options close by and the centre sells drinks at a decent price.

There are many pricing options to play, more prices on their website, with prices starting at just $20 for one person for half an hour or $35 for an hour. If you want to bring a friend for an hour it is only an extra $10.

With 13 of the top 20 PGA Pro golfers using these simulators for practice, and a group of weekend hackers (us), you know it has to be a good thing.

Big Swing Golf Underwood – The Zone, 1 Compton Rd, Underwood – 3299 1300 www.bigswinggolf.com.au

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