As school has wonderfully started back, many parents are truly grateful to just chill out.

Well, there is a must do for all those exhausted parents. Get yourself into none other than City Cave and have a full pamper session.

First timers will feel right at home with the friendly team at any of Logans City Caves.

The first thing they inform you is how to use the facilities to get your best experience. Once you sit through the short video and finalize the paperwork, your journey to bliss begins.

The smell of exquisite oils and the ambiance of the lighting really starts to take the everyday hustle away.

Off we go into the infrared sauna where you undress and hop into a nice 49-degree room that allows you to change the lighting to suit your mood and relaxation requirements. This session goes for 45 minutes of which you can take your phone in with music or just chill out silently. There is water should you require it throughout your sauna in the room.

From here you put on the robe and back to relaxation room until your float room is ready.

As you enter the float room excitement is building and you are feeling really good and ready for this wonderful experience.

They get you to shower before the float and away you go. The hardest choice can be music or no music. The other choice is light on or light off, but you can do this from inside the pool.

The experience of being weightless was an awesome feeling the float really made you want to sleep the whole time.

After 45 mins it’s time to jump out and shower off. Robe on, back to the lounge for fluids, plenty of iced water on hand and even tea.

Either way you are feeling so relaxed by now that the last stage is on its way. Massage time.

This is where you get to choose the type of massage you require. Each to your liking.

By the end you walk away so relaxed and ready to face the real world again destined to return for more.

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