A place of history can be found in the middle of Logan Village where you can enjoy walking through the buildings and seeing a collection of items used in years gone by.

The Logan Village Museum is a complex set within the Logan Village Green with several historic buildings that were once used throughout the city.

Two of the buildings that are at the museum are original to site and have also been heritage listed. The other buildings have been moved to the complex and renovated and are full of history of the City of Logan. All buildings except for the upper floor of the old school, and the new Railway Hut have wheelchair access.

The original school building was built in 1902 and remained as a school until 1982. The schoolhouse is used for community meetings both upstairs and down.

Logan Village Musum
Logan Village Musum

The Dance Hall was built around 1866 in Quinzeh Creek Road. It was moved to the corner of Wharf and Albert Streets in 1887.

After this, it was used for various reasons, blacksmith shop, garage, and store area before being dismantled and donated to the Village Green in the early 1990s.

The mission of the museum is to keep the past of Logan Village right and alive. It is a lovely hidden treasure in a great local, almost country village. The museum volunteers have put together a fascinating collection about the local area.

The historical buildings are full of many objects and details on the village and its surroundings. Logan Village Museum has become a perfect destination to learn about history.

The Logan Village Museum is open 7days – 9am to 1pm – on River St, Logan Village.

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