Springwood Conservation Park aka Stairs of Death

The Springwood Conservation Park is beautiful bush parklands in the middle of the residential area of Springwood. While the park has picnic tables, toilets, children’s playground and wheelchair access, it is known more for the insane stairs locally known as the ‘Stairs of Death’.

The main entrance is found off Jardine Drive and that is where most of the parks facilities are found. There is a small car park, the picnic shelter and toilets and this is where you can choose which track you would like to start on.  

There is the shorter Stringybark Lookout track that is only 570m or you could do the longer Gorge Discovery Circuit at 1.45km. At the beginning of the Gorge Discovery track you will face the ‘Stairs of Death’ straight away. These are a series of steep stairs and that just seem to keep going on and on with no end in sight. The stairs are all different sizes and shapes and will test your fitness.

Luckily there are two nice rest stops with benches on the way up that can be utilised for the not so fit. When you do get to the top of the stairs there you will find the playground and the continuation of the trail.

The walk is nice, especially after the stairs, and on a manmade path going through the eucalypt forest with a number of wooden bridges and plenty of great places to take photos. The path winds up and down the former quarry site and there is plenty to explore. There are many large boulders, some very interesting balancing rocks, cliffs and a gorge running down the middle.

The track goes in a couple of different directions and you can choose to complete the circuit or join the Spur Track which is 984m goes past the Stringybark Lookout. Continue on the Discovery Circuit and it will lead you back down through the gorge and back to the car park, with a few tracks splintering off along the way.

There is 36 hectares of open eucalypt forest to explore and many beautiful animals to see along the way. Take the time to check this out if you love nature, walking and a bit of torturer.

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