Zoe and Romy are two young Logan kids who are working on giving back to the community they live in. They both enjoy being a part of the Logan community and have identified a need where they can help on a regular basis, but needed to ask the professionals some questions.

Last Thursday night Zoe and Romy stopped into Beenleigh to see the Nightlight team working hard feeding the homeless and needy. Johnny Porter from Nightlight got the girls involved with the team to hand out readymade food and bread.

He also spent time with them to answer any questions they had on giving back to the community and how they can help in their areas.

The girls both attend Clairvaux MacKillop College in Mt Gravatt however because they live in Logan this is where they want to help.

The Religion unit the girls attend is called ‘Doing Good: What if everybody did that?’ It focuses on the beliefs, values and practices of Christian communities and how everyone can all do something to contribute to their community.

Students are asked to identify a need in society and develop an action plan to address the need. This includes caring for the homeless, helping elderly neighbours by mowing their lawn or caring for a common home by recycling or cleaning up public areas such as parks or beaches.

 The belief is that caring for the common good is integral to the development of the human person and that all people need to be recognized for their dignity. The college encourages students to treat people equally and act for the common good of all.

Clairvaux MacKillop College student immersion program is important to allow students to understand how their actions fit into the broader picture. This unit leads into the college’s Community Engagement program which is undertaken by year 10 students.

 Students understand that they have a duty to the communities they serve and they should work together to improve the wellbeing of all people.

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