By Senior Constable Luke Turner

On Monday November 12, there were plenty of shocked faces when police arrived with lights flashing and siren blasting on the All-Terrain Vehicle.

Edens Landing State School Prep students were unable to enter their classrooms until Edens Landing Police Beats finest, Senior Constable Luke Turner and Senior Constable Jade Clayton, attended and secured the prep classrooms.

Why? Aliens had visited and crashed their spaceship into their rooms making such a mess! Pairs of underwear were everywhere along with pegs and bits of clothes line!

Police along with the Edens Landing State School’s Principal Gail Quigley and Deputy Principal Anthea Grant were called and secured the site for the children to come in and see the mess!

The children had to clean up the mess and as they did, they had to ask the questions.

‘Who could have done such a thing?’ and ‘Why were there so many pairs of underwear?’

The book, ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ was the clue the students needed. The teachers suggested that a letter should be written by the students to explain what had happened, which unbeknown to the students, was their final written assessment for the year and the culminating piece of work for their letter writing unit.

The children wrote amazing letters, full of their disgust with what had happened. This was making the learning process real and meaningful to them all.

This work displayed the values of the school: Love, Learning, Laughter.

This memory will be remembered by this cohort of children for years to come as making memories is what school life is all about. Having local police involved in this fun activity also begins building the relationships with these young students and put police in a positive role in their lives.

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