This month is Save the Koala month and the City of Logan has Koala Nature Refuges for them to hang out in.

However it is also breeding season for Koalas so they are getting out of the trees and on the lookout for a mate. This period is the busiest for the marsupials, as suburban Koalas are on the move, crossing paths with cars and dogs, and higher rates of stress-induced sickness.

Today, koala numbers are at an all-time low. They have been labelled functionally extinct. The breeding season is approximately August to February yet the numbers are dropping every year.

Logan City Council are working on helping the koala numbers by protecting and increasing koala habitat, increasing knowledge of koalas, reducing threats to koalas and working with land owners to keep or plant more koala friendly vegetation.

When driving at night be extra careful as koalas are nocturnal. This means they are more likely to be on a road when it’s dark. If you see wildlife on the road at night slow down, sound your horn and dim your lights. If you do hit an animal or see an injured one, call the RSPCA Logan Wildlife Ambulance on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 265).

Everyone plays a part in keeping koalas safe and reducing threats to koalas helps them to keep on breeding. If everyone looks out for them they may make it for the next generation to see.

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