Eating spicy hot food is not something that I do, but when I was invited to Club Beenleigh’s Bull ‘n’ Barra Restaurant to give their special a red hot go, I just had to.

Meeting with Club Beenleigh life member Darryl Fagan and local legend Chappy Nick Carroll, we prepared ourselves to burn baby burn.

Darryl is one of those crazy people who enjoy spicy food, and he was looking forward to hanging a fang into some fiery fowl.

As it was getting closer to chow time, Chappy Nick was repeating don’t be cruel, because he is not a fan of anything that tingles the lips.

The plate of OMG MY FACE IS BURNING wings made its was to our table and I was ready to burn for you and try these.

Darryl was eating away like they were just your standard buffalo wings while after the first couple of bites poor Chappy Nick was all shook up. He powered through because despite the burn, the wings had massive flavour and were still crunchy after they were doused with sauce.

My first bite took place after the others as I wanted to see their reactions. With Darryl’s face showing nothing but joy and Chappy Nick showing pain, I bit down into the fire.

Chappy Nick ready with the milk

The first bite hit me in the face with crunch, then came the juicy freshly fried chicken and after a few chews the heat began to kick in. It was a slow release and I thought I can make it better by taking another bite to distract my face from the heat. I was wrong.

I took that second bite and while my gob was filled with all that wonderful flavour, the heat was increasing. It was hot, it was fiery, but it was sensational.

I love chicken and I love wings, and this was a burning love. The combination of heat and flavours all cooked to perfection made these hot wings chariots of fire.

Get yourself to Club Beenleigh to give the wings a go before they are all gone.

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