Flagstone State Community College police officer, Senior Constable Brad Farrar and Logan District’s Road Policing officer Senior Constable Tony Fishburn tackled distracted driving head on with Year 12 students during Queensland Road Safety Week.

The ‘Drive 2n2‘ Program involves a driving simulator that allows students to understand the perils of driving while distracted.

The program outlines driving laws and the dangers associated with common distractions such as, if you send or receive a text message, your eyes are off the road for approximately five seconds.

At 100km/h, you would have driven the length of 1.5 footy fields in those five seconds.

Students had the opportunity to take the wheel in the simulator and drive whilst using a mobile phone.

It was obvious to everyone that distractions significantly affected their driving ability, the consequences of which could be fatal.

These future road users learned the importance of always driving with two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel.

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