Tomorrow, July 31, Groves Community Fair in Kingston are hosting their 2021 community fair and welcome all of Logan to come and have an afternoon of family fun.

The Fair will commence at 1pm and conclude at 6pm with a firework spectacular and there will be a variety of rides, sideshow alley, an array of food, free activities, student performances and much more.

“Our College is looking forward to welcoming the community to our Groves Community Fair 2021,” said a college spokesperson.

“The College invites you to a fun filled family afternoon.”

As well as lots of family fun, the college will be offering tours of the kindergarten, prep info session, primary tour, secondary tour, and an information session on distance education.

If you are keen to make yourself sick and ride as many funfair rides as you can, a pre purchase all you can ride pass will set you back $30.

To find out more or get your tickets, visit Groves Community Fair.

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