By Patrick Bradley

Living in Logan Gamer Patrick Bradley

The world of video games has been on the rise in recent years and in a world with lockdowns and restrictions, many more have turned to the occasional game, be it on their phone, console or computer to pass the time.

In the computer space, no game has been more hotly anticipated then Cyberpunk 2077; a first person RPG/shooter from the creators of the widely popular Witcher series CD Project Red.

Set in the not too distant future, Cyberpunk 2077 is a world where the lines between human and machine begin the blur. Mechanical implants have become a sign of status or prestige and people without them are rare.

Cyberpunk is an expansive open word set in Night City, filled with people ranging from the mega wealthy corporate elites, various criminal gangs, mercenaries and the general populace. The world itself is one of the largest in terms of playable area as far as RPGs go, being loaded with many side quests, secrets and places to see.

Should you tire of city life, it is possible to jump into a player controlled car and drive into the waste lands that surround Night City. There are even rumours of visiting space colonies on the moon.

In Cyberpunk, you assume the Role of V, a mercenary outlaw. As the game begins to unfold you will find yourself searching for a one of a kind implant that has the ability to grant a person immortality.

As seen in previous titles from CD Project Red, the choices you make as the game progress can drastically affect and alter the world around you as time moves on. Seemly trivial things you do early in the game can have drastic outcomes much later in the game, adding greatly to replay-ability.

The game itself however has been plagued by multiple delays with its expected released date despite multiple assurances in each case by the team. The most recent delay occurred less than 48 hours before the expected release, despite CD Project Red assuring everyone there would be no more delays. This has led to wide spread backlash from expect fans, leading many to now mistrust any dates provided by the company.

Regardless of the delays however, based on the company track record of a “customer first” mentality and a string of hit titles, this writer has faith this one will be set as the new standard for open world RPG games for the next decade.

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