Deliberately being knee deep in water filled with sting rays and sharks may seem like a crazy thing to do for fun, but at Shark and Ray Garden it is a daily happening.

Logan is lucky to have the Shark and Ray Gardens which is located in the ground of Nielsens’s Nursery at Beenleigh-Redland Bay Road Loganholme.

To get to the shark tank, you will make your way through the plant nursery towards the aquarium with the shark and ray gardens being just behind the aquarium. It is a calming walk through the many plants and trees and helps with build-up of the experience.

Operating in this location since early 2017, the owner Paul knows a great deal about all of his animals in the tank and how to get people from all walks of life enjoying their experience. With the vast majority of the sea life rescue animals, these rays and sharks were saved and get to live out their lives in peace.

As you wade into the shallow pool for a closer look at the sharks and rays, Paul gives an interesting talk with lots of facts about the animals he cares for. It is not just about being in the same water as the animals and listening to Paul, you also get to touch them and feel what they are like.

The rays and sharks have been swimming around people for many years and are comfortable with human interaction. When standing in the tank they swim and glide around you like you aren’t even there. When they choose to they will come up to you and you can pat them. It is an awesome experience.

The gardens are open Thursday thru Sunday and it is best to make a booking to know you will be able to enjoy all of the tank action. For more information you can visit

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