Next week children will be returning to school to start a new year of education and while many are prepared, some are not.

With the rising costs of living, it’s inevitable there will be several families across the city that just won’t be able to provide enough school supplies for their children.

Councillor for Division 2, Teresa Lane, said that I just want to raise something locally.

“There’s a lot of groups that do return to school assistance in the local community, but there are some people and some kids that may be returning to school this year without the school equipment that they need.

“It’s not because the parents are doing the wrong thing, it’s just they’re struggling with the rising costs of rent increases, mortgages, and their prioritising a roof over their head, electricity, and food in their belly, rather than school equipment.

“So, what I’m going to do this year is go around to each of the schools (in division 2) donating $50 out of my own personal funds, not council funds, just so there are supplies at the school in case a child turns up with nothing in their backpack other then a sandwich.

“I would encourage you if you have a few spare bob to do the same.

“The teachers often give money out of their own pockets, and I think as a community we can do something nice.”

Along with helping those kids who need it, the start of the school year also means the speed limit will be reduced back to 40kmh.

“The school year is about to start so remember the 40kmh zones are starting soon.

“Hit the skids, not the kids; that’s our motto here in division 2.”

If you would like to help by giving some funds, contact your local schools P&C.

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