Around 11 years ago Knitting for Brisbane’s Needy was created to help those who find themselves without a place to live or in need of something warm.

Starting with three members all those years ago, the group now has more than 400 volunteers who knit, crochet, loom or sew all kinds of items that get distributed all over the state.

Having made and donated more then 340,000 items to the homeless, less fortunate, domestic violence victims, hospitals, cancer patients, those suffering mental illnesses etc, aged care homes, wildlife carers and animal shelters, victims of natural disasters throughout Australia and Defence Forces serving overseas.

For many years, the south east group worked out of Logan libraries until COVID hit in 2020 which forced the group out. Not being able to find anywhere to work but determined to keep making items, the team ended up in an undercover carpark in Beenleigh.

While being undercover, the group could not last there as nature still made life difficult and meant that older members could not come out. The group were then told about the Bethania Community Centre and after finding a time free, the group now meet there once a month.

Having a location is important because all members can now come into a safe, dry, and friendly environment and create items for those in need. And while the charity was established to create items for others, the group has turned into a social outing for many and a way to help improve mental wellbeing and grow friendships.

All these donations are delivered straight to those who need them or organisations who help them free of charge.

Members drive all over Queensland, including out to Roma, Dalby, Bundaberg, Maryborough to name but a few places in their own vehicle at their own expense.

If you would like to help or get involved, jump onto their Facebook page, and check them out.

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