As the years roll on and the City of Logan continues to grow, the city itself is becoming more and more the heart of South East Queensland.

From large corporations moving to industrial precincts that are being created to cater for transportation companies and other businesses, to property developments that are seeing thousands of people moving here each year; Logan is the place to be.

Radio Logan Incorporated, aka 101FM, has been in the heart of the city and pumping out the classic hits, latest music, country and even jazz for more than three decades. Being a community station, they engage with the locals to keep residents of Logan and surrounds up to date with all that is happening in this area.

With the demise of a Brisbane AM radio station that played similar, but not as good, music, the little station that could continues and is a real asset to the community with the management board doing all the hard work to keep this community station going.

Terry Blacker and Kerry Jacobson
Terry Blacker and Kerry Jacobson

101FM is volunteer based 24 hours, seven days a week with plenty of on-air talent keeping the airwaves full of exclusive interviews with local and international artists who are either residents in this area or who are coming through Logan and keen to pop in.

The building 101Fm has been pumping out tunes from was once used by Queensland’s finest to arrest and house people in the jail out the back, with the radio station now being there for 34 years.

It has two professional studios inside, with a third studio for recording voice-overs and sponsorships. The first on-air announcer was David Jull, who, before entering politics, worked in commercial radio and television.

Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett

The more you listen to 101FM the more you will love it. While every show is great, you will find your favourites and you will become a regular listener.

Photos by Michelle Cop – MC Photography

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