Logan Central Police Station are proud to be active members of the Adopt-A-Cop program which builds and fosters relationships between police and members of the school community.

One of Logan Central Police Station’s Adopt-A-Cop schools is the Logan City Special School.

There are approximately 250 students with intellectual, autism (and other disabilities) enrolled from Early Childhood Development Program through to Year 12.

Adopt-A-Cops attend the school regularly, interacting with the students in a fun way, providing positive messaging about road, personal safety and more.

On Monday, February 22, Logan Central Police Adopt-A-Cops attended the Logan City Special School with two officers from the Mounted Police Unit. Parents were also invited to attend.

Noah getting on the police horse

The students had turns sitting in the police all-terrain vehicle and then patting the horses.

It was the first time most students had interacted with a horse and there were smiles all around.

Young Noah, who was born without arms was given the opportunity to hug a horse. The expression on his face was priceless.

A great day was had by all and further forged the relationship between the students, parents, teachers and police.

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