For many who live in the Beenleigh/Eagleby area, the name Chappy Nick Carroll is synonymous with volunteer, friend, and top bloke. He is all over the 4207 area but spends most of his time, away from work, at the Eagleby Giants JRLFC in his role of Vice President.

Chappy Nick is an all-round nice guy who has a long family heritage in the Beenleigh area. By day he works as a School Chaplain at Eagleby State School and Beenleigh High and as a Social worker which takes up a lot of his time, although he finds his work extremely rewarding.

Not only does he use his skills for the football club, Chappy Nick is also the organizer for Grow – A 12 step program, helped organise The Shed and helps with many other community events.

“I am passionate about my local community and enjoy being around people,” said Chappy Nick.

“I truly believe we all deserve an opportunity to be successful, so I work hard to create positive opportunities for people to thrive where they are.

Chappy Nick

“When I was a young adult, someone took the time to mentor me and help me get on the right track.

“I am simply paying it forward.”

Chappy Nick is a real promotor of the 4207 area and goes out of his way to not only promote the qualities within his community but get out and show why it is so good. This sometimes leads to run-ins with people who do not have his same passion.

“As someone who loves his community, I find it extremely disappointing when people continually put it down.

“I will never understand how people can sit back and complain rather then work towards being a part of a positive solution.”

With many of Chappy Nick’s activities, he does them without being paid. When asked about volunteering he said: “I would say definitely give it a go. You will make new friends, learn new skills, and feel good about being a part of something positive and uplifting.”

“I’m just an ordinary person doing his best to do what good ordinary people do and avoid what good ordinary people avoid.

“I’m proof that you don’t have to be an academic or skilled to make a positive difference.

“By simply caring for people and having a go you can make a difference to your community.”

With people like Chappy Nick working and volunteering with the youth of today to help make them better, it is proof that Logan City has a quality that you find in small towns right here in this big city of ours.

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