Today, the national average for time spent in a job is believed to be less than two years, but Logan legend Erica Drexler is showing how a job you love can stand the test of time by celebrating an incredible 40-year career at Coles.

Erica’s journey with Coles began in 1981 when she applied for a role at Coles Aspley with the intention of earning some pocket money while working alongside a friend. She never imagined the job at the local checkouts would lead to a fulfilling four-decade career, boasting eight different roles across nine stores in Queensland — including a four-month stint at Coles’ national headquarters in Melbourne.

A true team player, Erica is proud to still be a part of the Coles family in her current role as Customer Service Manager at Coles Loganholme and feels lucky to have seen the organisation evolve and expand during her extraordinary tenure.

“Seeing some of the best changes at Coles come to life has been very rewarding. Technology has changed a lot over the last 40 years and continues to make the customer experience better and better,” she said.

With a passion for people, Erica is energised by her team and has celebrated Coles’ commitment to its people.

“One of the best areas of focus — and one I am most proud of — is how Coles recognises its team members and looks after them,” she said.

“I have seen a big shift in focus towards mental health initiatives for team members which is a great step Coles has taken, ensuring everyone has access to support services if they need them.”

Erica said her secret to having spent 40 years in the one company has boiled down to being able to wake up every morning and genuinely feel happy to go to work.

“The truth is that it has always been easy to come to work. I’ve always enjoyed the teams and roles, managers and regional managers across all the stores I have worked in, which makes a big difference when it comes to loving your job,” she said.

“I’ve always felt supported at work. I enjoy it so much that I have never wanted to look anywhere else — Coles will always be there for me.” 

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