On Tuesday, November 23, the Logan District Mobile Police Beat will be attending Cornubia Shopping Centre at the corner of Bryants Road and Redland Bay Road, Cornubia.

A Mobile Police Beat is a ‘police station on wheels’, giving the community immediate access to police at major events, investigations or at local crime hot spots.

Mobile Police Beats are borderless policing in action, allowing local police to deploy services quickly and efficiently.

The Mobile Police Beat will be in attendance from 9.30am to 11am.

Local police from Loganholme Police Station will be operating from the Mobile Police Beat during this time and are looking forward to engaging with the community.

Members of the public can visit a Mobile Police Beat to report a crime, make a statement, or seek advice and support from local police.

“As our state’s population grows, so does the demand for modern and flexible policing approaches,” said Senior Constable Luke Turner.

“Mobile Police Beats are a way of better protecting our communities, enabling borderless policing and making police more visible.”

In addition to local police being in attendance, Logan City Councillor Miriam Stemp will also be attending to answer any questions or address concerns affecting the local area.

“This is a great opportunity for the community to come forward and engage with your local officers, provide information, have questions answered and allow police the opportunity to provide you with crime prevention resources,” said Snr Constable Turner.

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