The Mustangs Old Boys are previous players and long-time members of the Mustangs Brothers Rugby League Football Club in Chambers Flat. They don’t play as many games as other teams within the club but they do enjoy raising money for charities.

For one of the Old Boys charity games the group looked to support a hard working charity that is in line with their values. This was an easy choice for the members as they selected an organisation that works in Logan and helps families in need.

Logan House Fire Support Network (LHFSN) was chosen and all profits from the game would be given to them to help continue their work in the community.

LHFSN provide immediate help to families and to anyone who has been left devastated by a house fire. The organisation do this by providing emergency accommodation, housing, furnishing and much more.

By arriving to the fire scene as soon as possible the team render assistance and support to the people affected instantly. During a house fire, when people are out of immediate danger they usually become lost can’t fathom the next step in the process. This is where LHFSN come in and attempt to take the burden off of them by helping with Insurance, providing good quality 2nd hand furniture for re housing, and by giving them emergency toiletry packs.

Although they receive many donations, there are continued running costs that just don’t get seen by the general public. The vehicle upkeep, tolls, rego along with insurance, phones and more mean they can’t do it alone.

Event organiser Rob Kirkwood said that he really enjoys playing football and helping a charity in the process is awesome.

“We know how much effort goes into the running a footy club so I can only imagen what it takes to be ready to go 24 hours a day seven days a week.

“Without people like Louie giving so much of their time and life to others, the community would be a lot worse off.

“I am proud to be a part of a club that can give back and know the money is going to a worthy cause.”

With a house fire in the state of QLD every 4.63 hours, Louie and LHFSN are always busy attending fire scenes or out in the community educating people about how to avoid a house fire. 

The next Mustangs Old Boys charity game, Trying for Charity, is September 21st and will be supporting Mates4Mates.

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