It is the second week of Patinos Personal Lawyers economic pie push that is helping the economy and small businesses in the City of Logan.

This week the 20 free pies per day for five days are at The Kensington Fair Bakery at Crestmead where Deputy Mayor Jon Raven and Logan House Fire Support Network founder Louie Naumovski kicked off the event.

Deputy Mayor Jon Raven said today we are at The Kensington Fair Bakery and there are 20 free pies every day this week.

“Thanks to Louie from the Logan House Fire Support Network and Patinos Lawyers who are sponsoring this great program.

“Buy a pie, come down and shout yourself a coffee and make sure you support local businesses to come out of the recovery”, said Cr Raven.

With the pies on Patinos for the week be sure to stop into The Kensington Fair Bakery saying hello to Sarah and Ken when you do and also try some of the sweets as they are fantastic.

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