There’s a new doctor in town and he’s on a mission to help people who are suffering from chronic pain and over 100 other health conditions.

His name is Doctor Guy Wright, and he’s assisting patients at Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Services (PRS) in obtaining pioneering new pain relief in the form of medicinal cannabis.

“Medicinal cannabis is the most exciting area of medicine right now,” says Dr. Wright, “Treatments are developing rapidly and so is our appreciation for what these natural, whole plant-based medicines can do for patients. There is a wide range of cannabis plants that contain a huge variety of compounds that are being shown to be very effective in treating all kinds of conditions. It’s a thrill to be involved in something so game changing in our field.”

As an expert in the area, Dr. Wright is one of the few Authorised Prescribers in Australia under the TGA’s Special Access Scheme (SAS). This means patients under Dr. Wright’s care can start their Medicinal Cannabis journey immediately without the need for prior approval. Patients don’t even need a referral from a GP to see Dr. Wright, they simply need to contact PRS for an appointment.

If your medical record shows that you have already explored standard treatment options for your condition, Dr. Wright will be able help you get you started on an appropriate medicinal cannabis treatment plan pretty quickly. He’ll guide you through finding the right dose and treatment type, as he is familiar with numerous advanced plant-based products that can be taken orally, as an oil or capsule, and even worn as a patch.

“Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Services team of trained medical professionals’ top priority is to support patients on their journey to better health and Dr. Wright is a perfect addition to our practice,” says Andrew Pfeffer, Clinical Pharmacist at PRS, “I’ve been really impressed with his knowledge and highly skilled approach when it comes to this ground-breaking field.”

Dr Wright is seeing patients now at Pharmaceutical Rehabilitation Services (PRS) in Beenleigh, so call to book an appointment today.

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