You know, it’s hard it is to imagine what a few million of anything is like? But collectively, three international artists have sold 225,000,000 albums.

Based on each vinyl album (do you remember them?) being a school ruler wide, then some sort of guide would be that 225 million LPs width is almost 6 times from Fitzy’s Loganholme to one of Carole King’s home’s in Los Angeles, or if you wanted to walk right around the coast of Australia, you’d have a path three LP’s wide.

Anyway… you get the picture!

It’s a lot. A whole lot of records that have been sold by Stevie Nicks, Carole King and Linda Ronstadt.

Photo by MC Photography

Blooms’ voice on Friday night was richer in depth, deeper in passion and more scorching though to the soul then one could ever imagine. Definitely an immediate head-raiser from the moment her band formed their first chords, and the sticks slammed the snare with Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon”.

By the way, the most amazing thing is no iPads or music charts were used – hey, we’re talking real working musicians with a massive memory.

Consequently, their entertainment is of the highest standard.

It’s tight. Precise. Relaxed.

And the loving interplay in the songs makes for a really wonderful evening as we were teleported back to the 60’s to where some may say were innocent times. And of course, everybody knew each song.

Photo by MC Photography

When Bloom said “we should take them on tour” – about the audience’s singing, I think she meant it.

The repertoire of songs from these ‘Countesses of the 60’s Counterculture’ sung by Bloom was carefully chosen. From Carole King for example, “It’s Too Late” and “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” and the classic “You’ve Got A Friend” woven through Linda Ronstadt’s “That’ll Be the Day”, “Different Drum” and “Blue Bayou”.

Stevie’s “Gypsy” was so very, very moody. And in the “Landslide” song the words ask “I’m getting older too…” I wondered – well, are we? Actually, no we aren’t ever “afraid of changin’ “

Bloom, thank you for such a wonderful gift – both your voice and your presence.

Reviewed By 101FM Radio Presenter Stu Robertson
Photo By Michelle Cop (MC Photography)

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