Logan District Crime Prevention are urging all residents to ensure their homes and vehicles are locked and secured.

Recently there has been an increase in break and enters to homes and vehicles occurring in the Regents Park, Heritage Park and Browns Plains area.

It has been identified that these offences are occurring overnight.

The offenders are specifically targeting unsecured residential homes and vehicles.

It is therefore vitally important to ensure that everyone secures their homes and cars even when home.

Logan Police are urging everyone to take the following precautions at home and with vehicles:

  • External doors of your home should be solid and fitted with quality locks
  • Fit security screens to all glass doors and windows
  • Install an intruder alarm that not only covers motion but windows and door opening or sliding
  • Ensure that your home is clearly visible to neighbouring properties, trim trees to improve visibility
  • Consider installing cameras around the exterior and interior of your home
  • Remove valuables from clear sight within your home
  • Always close your garage door even when you are home
  • Secure your vehicle in well-lit areas
  • Remove valuables from within your vehicle and do not leave them in clear sight
  • Consider installing a motion alarm on your vehicle and dash cam that records when the vehicle is not in use
  • Also consider the installation of fencing at the front of your property to prevent access to the home
  • Remember to store your keys away from easy reach and view of opportunistic offenders

Police heavily rely on the community to ensure we continue to provide a safe and crime free community for which we all live in. Prevention is the key to success when it comes to crime.

Remember the smallest piece of information can sometimes solve a rather large piece of a puzzle.

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