Today at the opening of Flagstone Central Woolworths store manager Carissa made a surprise donation to two special guests.

Flagstone State Community College Principal Julie-Ann McCullouch was in attendance for the opening and received a $500 Woolworths gift card.

Flagstone Community Association President Donna-Maree Jarden has been busy with her team promoting the area and the opening and was shocked when Carissa donated a $500 gift card to the association as well.

President Donna-Maree said today we were awarded an amazing $500 gift voucher from Woolworths Flagstone.

“It was very much a surprise and I know that the Flagstone Community Association will use this wisely and we will look at thanking our volunteers that support Flagstone community as a whole.

“We want to thank Carissa and the team here at Flagstone Woolworths for supporting our Flagstone Community Association.”

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