Leading South East Queensland boutique raw honey producers Natasha and Jason Roebig have been named Queensland’s eleventh #eatqld Champion.

Member for Jordan Charis Mullen said Natasha and her husband Jason had been chosen for their passionate efforts to raise the profile of boutique Queensland raw honey throughout Queensland.

“As the founders of Bee All Natural, Natasha and Jason have enthusiastically supported new honey producers and ensured the honey is produced ethically and sustainably,” Ms Mullen said.

“Natasha and Jason are true innovators who have created their own fruit and spiced infused raw honey and creamed honey ranges using repurposed fruit to avoid waste and create alternative revenue streams for farmers.

“Additionally, they have created education platforms and social media groups to strengthen industry relationships and become respected mentors.

“Natasha and Jason’s passion for beekeeping and their innovative educational platform, ‘Inclusive Beekeepers Training Facility’, were recognised in 2019 when Natasha won the Queensland AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award.

“Being named our eleventh #eatqld Champion is sweet reward for Natasha and Jason whose tireless support of Queensland apiculture and agriculture will be invaluable as we unite and recover from the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Natasha and Jason join renowned chef Dominique Rizzo, Murgon winery Clovely Estate, Creek to Coast host Scott Hillier, Walkamin entrepreneur Krista Watkins, Bowen horticulturalist Carl Walker and Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre’s Executive Chef David Pugh as #eatqld Champions to promote Queensland’s world of flavour from the state of delicious.”

Mr Furner said every economy had been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic but agriculture was playing a key role as the Palaszczuk Government implements Queensland’s $8 billion plan for economic recovery.

“Natasha and Jason’s example is truly inspirational as we unite and recover from the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mr Furner said.

Natasha Roebig said being named an #eatqld Champion provided a wonderful opportunity to spotlight Queensland’s honey industry and our great state’s food producers. 

“Jason and I strongly believe that Queensland has some of the best honey producers in Australia and now is the time to bring this to everyone’s attention,” Mrs Roebig said.

“Whilst recent seasons have certainly been a challenge for beekeepers, we are one of the many honey producers across Queensland that prides ourselves on the pure product that our bees produce.

“Our business lives by our motto ‘Straight From The Beekeeper’ and, as an #eatqld Champion, we will promote our fabulous beekeepers and their terrific products to give consumers confidence in the provenance of our products and the industry.”

Mr Furner said the Queensland Government’s #eatqld campaign encouraged the community to eat local, stay healthy and support jobs in the state’s agricultural sector.

“Our produce is second to none. We are urging everybody to explore Queensland-grown food and when you do we ask that you take a photograph and share it online using the hashtag #eatqld,” Mr Furner said.

“By eating Queensland-produced meat, seafood, fruit, nuts and veggies you support everybody that brings that food to your table.”

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