I confess – I’m a bit of a prepper. It’s something I tend not to talk about in polite company but I secretly indulge in. It gives me a guilty thrill to have at least a week’s worth of water, long life food, candles, camp cooking devices, batteries and medical supplies.

I like to live secure in the knowledge that if there’s a terrible storm or other natural disaster and we lose power or access to the roads for a few days, that I will be comfortable holed up in my house with the ability to cook, read books and generally be safe.  Like an enforced holiday camping in my home.

There’s a few things I’m yet to acquire to complete my prepping… like a generator. Mmmmm….  Nothing says independence quite like the ability to have electricity during a black out. I’m also missing camping style equipment in case something happens that makes my home unsafe and we have to go elsewhere. Still – since I’m slowly adding to my prepping pile it’s only a matter of time before I acquire everything I need in that crazy middle section of Aldi.

When you tell people you’re a bit of a prepper they instantly envision that you have some kind of secret bunker with a weapons cache and a year’s supply of everything in it. While that does sound kind of sexy, I’m really not playing anywhere near that level. 

There’s a lot of buzz in the media and online about the Corona Virus. Official figures say it has a 2% death rate – but I’m not overly trusting of the source on that one… There are videos of people collapsing in the streets and it seems to be fatal to young and otherwise healthy adults as well as the immunocompromised. Rather than panicking, since panic can be a bigger killer than the virus, I invite you to join me in my hobby.

Worrying about things out of your control never makes you feel better but you can add a few items to your weekly grocery shop and be all kitted out if things take a turn for the worse in your area. As soon as disaster strikes people head to the stores and clear the shelves. There’s no need to battle the crowds or worry about missing out… just create a little kitty of supplies for an emergency. It makes everything brighter.

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