Patinos Personal Lawyers City of Logan small business economy pie drive has hit its fifth week and landed in Boronia Heights.

With the cold mornings sticking around, newly opened Boronia Heights Fresh Bread and Pies bakery on Parklands Drive is baking up a storm with their selection of pies and other goodies.

As with the previous four weeks, the first 20 pies per day for five days will be given away to lucky and unsuspecting customers.

Logan House Fire Support Network founder Louie Naumovski, Deputy Mayor Jon Raven and Division 7 councillor Tim Frazer were all on hand to launch week five on Living in Logan’s live video.

This little store reopened on Saturday with new management said Mr Naumovski.

“Come on down and support your local businesses. As everyone knows we are doing this pie drive every week over winter and this week Boronia Height on Parklands Drive is the place to be.”

Recently elected councillor to Division 7 Tim Frazer had just left the gym to come down and support this initiative and new small business.

“I’m here supporting this local business and urging people to do that to the businesses around here cause their all doing it tough,” said Cr Frazer.

“I’m also here to help promote the 20 pies per day pie drive.”

As with most weeks Cr Raven made everyone aware that Mayor Darren Power is trying to lose weight and that he needed to get him something special from the bakery.

“I’ve got to be sure to take one of these nice hedgehog slices with me so I’ll be making sure I do that,” said Cr Raven.

The pies are made fresh daily and baker Mick invited everyone to come down and get themselves a fresh pie.

“Come on down, get some fresh meat pies and folks you’re doing a great job as the first four weeks have been phenomenal,” said Mr Naumovski.

“The feedback we’ve been getting from all the other bakery’s has been great so week five down at Boronia Heights Fresh Bread and Pies and we will see you again soon.”

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