The year is almost over and with Christmas just around the corner it’s coming to the time where we reflect on the year that was.

Many of us will get to sit down to a nice meal with family and friends and have a laugh and share gifts and great stories. It is the time where we can all just enjoy the day and celebrate it in our own ways.

The typical Christmas in Australia is not really a thing like in many other countries. Since it is always hot and sometimes wet, we don’t have the ‘standard’ thing that we as a nation do. Some will have roast dinners or lunches, many will have seafood while others will go to the beach.

It doesn’t matter how you spend this time of year, all that matters is you are with people you care about and staying safe when going to and from functions.

We all know that this time of year there are more people on the roads and so many distractions happen when in the car. But what we all need to remember is that getting to where we are going is the important part. Losing a loved one or your own life is tragic for all involved and there is nothing more important when driving than driving itself.

This is also a time where we need to think about those less fortunate than ourselves. Many people will be alone, some will have no meals, kids may not have toys and Christmas is just another time where many feel they have failed.

If you can, reach out to a neighbour or a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Drop off some food or toys to a local charity, make a cash donation of any amount but most importantly just smile and be friendly to anyone you come across as you never know their story. Smiles are contagious and can brighten someone’s day.

Thank you to everyone that have supported Living in Logan Magazine over the past year and for all of our wonderful clients and readers we can’t thank you enough.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. See you in 2019.

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