It’s that time of year again where water usage is being carefully watched as the dam levels continue to fall and councils ask residents to save the precious liquid.

Logan City Council is urging City of Logan residents to watch their water use as with an increase from 150 litres a day per person to 180 litres.

The combined dam level is at 55.2 per cent, edging towards the 50 per cent trigger point that could see water restrictions re-introduced.

The Queensland Government has warned that forecast above-average rainfall this summer may not find its way into our dams.

City Infrastructure Chair Councillor Teresa Lane said everyone can play their part to save water.

“It’s been a while since we had water restrictions in the South East and unfortunately complacency has crept in,” Cr Lane said.

“We don’t know how much rain we are going to get this summer and if the wet season fails then the consequences could be dire.

“That’s why I urge all residents to think about what they can do to prevent water waste.

“Simple things like watering gardens in the cooler hours of the day or putting a bucket in the shower to collect water and using that, all helps to reduce water use.”

For water saving tips visit Water saving tips at home – Logan City Council

A warm, dry winter has seen dam levels fall 11 per cent from 61.9 per cent in April to the current 55.2 per cent level.

The Gold Coast Desalination Plant is in operation to top up the water grid.

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