The 781st Logan Council Ordinary meeting was full of tension as one Councillor spoke a number of times on different issues she was not happy with.

Councillor Lisa Bradley who has had an issue with election signs and raised the issue at the start of this term made it clear she was not impressed by trailers being used.

“I practically raised it due to the amount of trailers being used during the election that caused havoc for constituents,” Cr Bradley said.

“I drove along Winnetts Road (Daisy Hill) yesterday and I noticed that there’s a dinosaur on a trailer there (pointing in the direction of Cr Mindy Russell) and it was a big issue that people raised with me and hence why I raised this in this forum because something needs to be done about election signs.”

Cr Russell’s Trailer

Whilst on the war path Cr Bradley said that the organisation had provided her a statement however she wanted to speak from the heart.

“The public may not be aware that I have resigned from my chairperson position of the City Governance Committee,” Cr Bradley said.

“My decision has not come lightly, and is definitely not a reflection of you Mr Mayor as you are doing a really good job for the city.

“I have based my decision on a number of events, and I have felt my morals and integrity have been pushed beyond the limit.

“I feel I have been put in vulnerable positions, despite repeatedly asking for assistance.

“Whilst I cannot determine the force behind these feelings, I have had a number of members of the public say they have noticed how I have been treated.

“In the role of Chairperson of City Governance Committee, part of the portfolio is the budget, and I cannot consciously put my name to matters where I feel items are politically charged and democracy has been lost.

“I wish to express my gratitude to the people of Division 1 who have chosen me to represent them and I will continue to do so without fear or favour.

“Here’s hoping fellow Councillors can take time out during the festive season, and come refreshed ready for some robust democratic conversations.

“For me, Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, loving and forgiving and I wish the City of Logan community, Mr Mayor, Councillors, Acting CEO, ELT members and staff a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.”

Deputy Chairperson, Councillor Natalie Willcocks, will chair the Committee for the foreseeable future.

Following on from Cr Bradley’s words, Cr Mindy Russell took to the floor to speak and share a message to her division.

“We survived a different and challenging year together,” Cr Russell said.

“Now is the time to celebrate together and have a laugh and we are blessed here in Queensland and are lucky to be able to do exactly that.

“As such, I and my festive democrasaurios, wish everyone across Division 3 and all of Logan a relaxing and connective Christmas holiday.

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