City of Logan residents who may be impacted by the Inland Rail project are encouraged to raise their concerns at public information sessions in December.

The sessions are being run by Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), the Federal Government-owned entity delivering the proposed freight connection between Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton (K2ARB) section runs through the western side of the City of Logan on the existing interstate rail line.

It is expected that longer trains and double-stacked carriages will be used on the route, with the frequency of services rising from approximately eight trains a day to up to 45 by 2040.

Mayor Darren Power said it was now more important than ever that the community speaks up about the project’s negative impacts.

“The local section of Inland Rail is currently in the design stages, but we know the rail line will be lowered and additional passing loops will be created,” Cr Power said.

“Along with local residents, Council has regularly raised concerns about the impacts of noise, vibration and air quality on the community.

“These trains will operate 24 hours a day and are likely to carry coal in the future.

“We know that many landowners who purchased their properties in this area did not anticipate the increased size and frequency of trains, with the substantial increase in capacity threatening to disrupt the everyday life of residents in Logan.”

Cr Power said Council had written to impacted residents this week to further promote the public information sessions.

“By 2041, 17,000 residents are anticipated to live within 500m either side of the route, while 38,000 residents will be within 1km,” he said.

“Council does not have a role in the approvals for Inland Rail, and it is still not confirmed whether the K2ARB section will be declared as a coordinated project.

“We are greatly concerned that the interests of Logan residents are not being adequately considered by the decision makers.

“We have made our concerns clear in meetings and correspondence with Federal Government Ministers and Local Members and the ARTC, as well as in a submission to a Senate inquiry into the project.

“We will continue to raise these issues on the community’s behalf until we are satisfied that decision makers are genuinely considering the impacts to quality of life of existing and future Logan residents living within the Inland Rail route corridor.”

The ARTC’s public information sessions are on:

  • December 5, 10am to 2pm at Logan West Community Centre, Hillcrest
  • December 8, 1pm to 5pm at Greenbank Scout Den
  • December 9, 10am to 2pm at The Centre, Beaudesert
  • December 10, 3pm to 7pm at Logan West Community Centre, Hillcrest
  • December 12, 10am to 2pm at Acacia Ridge YMCA Community Hall, Acacia Ridge
  • December 15, 10am to 2pm at The Centre, Beaudesert
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