With only five months until the Logan City Council elections, and no council in power, people from all over Logan are coming out to get the top jobs.

One well known candidate held her official launch party over the weekend with a good number of party goers and special guests in attendance.

Karen Murphy, aka Queen of Beenleigh, hosted her fundraising launch party at the Beenleigh Rum Distillery as it is in the division 12 boundaries where she will be running.

In attendance were former Logan councillors Darren Power and Lisa Bradley and Mayoral candidate Stewart Fleming along with Mrs Murphy’s family and friends.

Addressing the party goers, Mrs Murphy said thank you to everyone for coming and we have a long journey and I can’t do it without you.

“There will be plenty of jobs to do over the next five months from little things to helping us put signs up and wearing the beautiful ‘I Love Karen Murphy’ shirts, handing out flyers and help on polling day.

“I have a very talented team and I would like to thank them for getting behind me and believing in me. I do have a passion for this area; everybody knows I call it 4207 heaven and I genuinely love the people.

“I am very proud to serve you all and if you have any questions or items about the area you can call and we can have a sit down on how we can make this area better”.

Mrs Murphy has been very active in the community for many years and only recently decided to run for council. Having watched the demise of the council and wanting to actively make the community better, Mrs Murphy has said this is the next opportunity to do so.

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