On April 1 the administrators running Logan City Council closed waste and recycling facilities to the public.

Council claimed that the temporary closures were in line with Council’s top priority of protecting the health and well-being of the community, customers and staff.

Yet after massive backlash from the community and some incoming councillors, Council has reviewed its safety protocols and will allow residents restricted entry to transfer stations with strict measures in place to protect the safety of its staff and the public.

Darren Power posted on Facebook saying “I spoke to Tamara O’Shea, the current administrator for Logan City Council, about the closing of the councils refuges stations. I explained the negative responses and the anger towards the council on this decision. She has agreed to connect up with the acting CEO and Queensland Health to review the decision.”

“I have also been told I can review the decision myself as Mayor, which I intend to, but I have been advised it is very unlikely that council will be sworn in before Easter.”

All this is now mute as Council have reopened the facilities. Council said it does not want people visiting the transfer stations, especially residents using extra time at home to spring clean their house and garden, unless it’s absolutely essential.

While the extra time at home for many residents is making way for a lot of cleaning and yard work, there are not many, if any residents who use the tip as an area to have a social gathering. Most people want to be there for a little time as possible so the Councils quickness to close the tips was a kneejerk reaction to statements made federally.  

Time is getting closer to Logan finally having a new Council where residents might actually be heard instead of just told what they are doing. The new councillors will be under major scrutiny after they are sworn in and have a lot of work to do to restore faith in the community.

Council will closely monitor customer behaviour under the new access arrangements and may have to reintroduce tougher restrictions again if social distancing protocols are not followed.

New Rules for the public when accessing Logan’s transfer stations:

  • No cash payments accepted (only voucher, eftpos or paywave). Containers will be provided in which vouchers can be placed – no direct handover to staff.
  • Only a limited number of customers will be able to access the sites at any one time.
  • Customers must keep at least 1.5 metres away from all others.
  • Reduced number of unloading areas.
  • As always, children must remain in the vehicle.
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