During the Ordinary Council meeting last week, Wednesday 25 January, Mayor Darren Power ended the discussion with a story about his previous night’s dinner, relating it to what council is doing with flood mapping.

In recent months, council has been working on the Flood Studies Review Program which aligns with State Planning Policy and recommendations from the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry to consider a changing climate and to share updated flood information with the community.

While making a point on what council are doing with the review program, Mayor Power shared his thoughts on more than just high water.

“Last night, my family decided to go to the Brekky Creek Hotel, nothing unspectacular about that,” said Mayor Power.

“The steak was pretty ordinary, the blowflies were hanging around, the salad was ordinary but what I can say is I went for a bit of a walk around the hotel and they have a flood level indicator of the floods and what I noticed was 2022 the flood came in at about approximately 10 inches from what I could judge and there was a flood in 1893 that they registered that was about another metre and a half above the 2022 levels.

“So, I think when I take that in, and as you know history always has a way of repeating itself, the work that we’re doing with flood levels, I think we are taking the necessary steps.

“So, if you don’t believe me, go there and have a look, but don’t eat the steak.”

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