In the early 2000s Cornubia had an attraction that challenged the mind and body all while being a lot of fun for anyone giving it a go.

Indoor rock climbing at the Bendigo Bank Cornubia Park Sports Centre disappeared and residents lost both this climbing centre and the other indoor centre at Daisy Hill.

While they have been gone for many years, it was in 2020 when newly elected councillor for Division 10 wanted to do something about bringing it back.

“Back in 2020 I enquired with Council about trying to get the climbing gym up-and-running again at the sports centre in response to requests from the community,” said Cr Stemp.

“It is really exciting to have a new lessor for the climbing area and to see the hand and footholds being installed on the amazing fourteen and a half metre high walls.

The new contractor, Core Climbing, will be having their grand opening of the rebuilt walls on 24 March and you can contact them for information directly.  

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