Changes to the Queensland Police Service’s (QPS) online reporting services will make it easier for City of Logan residents to report hooning.

Logan City Council’s Hooning Taskforce, which includes representatives from Council, QPS and Department of Main Roads, identified the online process of reporting hooning was confusing.

Based on this advice, Council provided support to QPS to make improvements to the online reporting of hooning.

City of Logan Mayor Darren Power said Council had a long and positive relationship with QPS and this was another example of working in partnership.

“We have worked side-by-side with QPS for a long time and it’s great to see our partnership having a broader impact,” Councillor Power said.

“While we know there is no quick fix, this is one measure that not only helps address the issue here in City of Logan but across the state.

“I want to acknowledge the work of the Hooning Taskforce in supporting QPS in the fight against this anti-social behaviour.”

Assistant Commissioner Ben Marcus said the changes would make it easier and more efficient for Queenslanders to report hooning-related offences through Policelink’s online reporting platform.

“Our online form has been enhanced so that is simple to use and allows members of the community to upload and provide any photos or videos of the offence captured,” Assistant Commissioner Marcus said.

“This will increase our capacity to prosecute offenders for these kinds of offences while also making the reporting process more streamlined for those wanting police investigations in their neighbourhoods.

“We know that our community does not accept nor tolerate dangerous driving and hooning behaviour and we will continue to use this new progression in the online reporting space to our advantage to police this kind of anti-social and life-endangering behaviour.”

The body of work aligns closely with newly introduced legislation on hooning and allows Policelink to continue to provide the community with services to report crime and request police attendance.

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