When Natalie Willcocks first advised she was running for division 11 in the Logan City Council election said stated: “I will listen, consult and be transparent with the community and my constituents. I will first and foremost always work for the residents of Division 11 to ensure that we are no longer the ‘forgotten division’ of the Logan City Council and I will work to bring our community together to ensure that we belong and are heard within the Logan City Council.”

Having been declared as the winner of the election in her division, beating Bryan Bartlett with 32 per cent and Kathleen de Leon with 17 per cent, the little known Ms Willcocks is helping her community get to know her better with detailed posts on her Facebook page.

Ms Willcocks ran her campaign as an independent stating she has no political party affiliations. She also made it clear that all of her funding was provided by her own earnings so she didn’t owe any favours to others.

Graduating from Corinda State High in 1994, Ms Willcocks worked fulltime to put herself through university to complete a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education, Legal Studies and Home Economics.

For 15 years, the past 10 here in Logan, Ms Willcocks has been teaching and also lives in Logan with her husband and two daughters. Not busy enough with a family and job, Ms Willcocks has coached local netball teams and volunteered at many clubs amongst many other volunteer activities for her local area.

Ms Willcocks main issues throughout her campaign have been Roads & Transport, Environment and infrastructure.

Posting on her Facebook page Ms Willcocks said a big thank you to my friends, supporters and my family – especially Mark, Dad and my ZoZo, for everything that you have done, assisted with, supported me with throughout my campaign.

“I can’t wait to get to work in my new role as Councillor for Division 11.” The election is yet to be fully declared as counting still continues for other divisions.  

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