Photo of Allan de Brenni Allan de Brenni

As Mayor I shall be ‘PUTTING LOGAN CITY COUNCIL RIGHT’ and use Ethical PROFESSIONAL advocacy and transparent negotiations to attract and advance Technology, Research, Industry, Employment, Sports and Culture by mentoring to unite and enable all to advance LOGAN; our community, and preserve this pivotal City of LOGAN as safe secure environment for all peoples.

Photo of Mr Stewart Fleming Mr Stewart Fleming

I have always been an active community volunteer and business leader. Whether it’s advocating for better school outcomes, delivering meals-on-wheels, serving the business community or coaching some of Australia’s biggest companies, I have always been a servant leader. As Mayor, I will serve by leading a Strong Economy, Connected Community and Innovative Environment to bring growth and pride to Logan, giving our City the future it deserves.

0499 949 495
Photo of Mr John Freeman Mr John Freeman

I am a long term local of Logan and in 2020 my family and I have resided in the city for 45 years. I am 100% self funded with no donation from any source and that includes family. I was elected Mayor in 2000 and re-elected again in 2004. I have the experience needed to lead the city forward with confidence, commitment, connections by being community led.

0413 674 949
Photo of Sherry Heath Sherry Heath

I believe that my community involvement; tertiary qualifications; and diverse career including a partner in a small business in Logan; an employee in both small and medium size businesses; as well as in Federal, State and Local Government, provides a wealth of experience for me to relate for all voters.

Ben Musgrave
Photo of Mr Darren Power Mr Darren Power

I am 100% completely self-funded and wish only to ask the residents to give me their voice and in return I will give you my ears. I believe whole heartedly in a positive future for this great city and I have literally ‘put my money where my mouth is’ in the quest for Logan to move forward with integrity and experience.

0411 869 119
Photo of Brett Raguse Brett Raguse

Brett Raguse has many achievements- successful businessman, Federal MP, Teacher, Advisor, Community advocate, Family man.
Growing up, Brett learnt the value of family and the support and nurturing they give. He imparted these values on four children of his own.
As a young adult, Brett knew getting and education was essential.

0418 877 910
Photo of Mr Paul Taylor Mr Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor has lived in Logan for 26 years with his wife and two children – in Cornubia, Rochedale South, Boronia Heights and Shailer Park, because he knows that Logan is a great place to live with it’s strategic positioning between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
This is why Paul chose to base his business here and this is why he has a solid understanding of your concerns and the direction that you want our city to take.

0411 246 157

Division 1

Photo of Lisa Bradley Lisa Bradley

“We have a right to expect our leaders to act with integrity, transparency and within the bounds of our many laws. Our city deserves leaders who put the interest of our constituents first.”

0426 731 110
Darron Foot
Photo of Jackie Thompson Jackie Thompson

We need transparency, common sense, community-minded people who listen and represent Logan as a councillor and assist in unifying the council moving forward. For all Logan residents, safer communities and for growing and ensuring businesses both small and large grow and stay in Logan and give residents opportunities for employment.

0432 705 483

Division 2

Photo of John Dalton John Dalton

I master in streets, parks and waterways. Growing up in commission in the 70’s then found my professional forte early and broke the Centrelink cycle. From the street I see what needs to be changed for the obvious reasons.

0466 725 136
Photo of Mr Felix Ladu Mr Felix Ladu

“I am the type of leader that the people of Logan City are looking for and I’m the leader that Division 2 deserves, a leader that’s got YOUR BACK! NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCE.
Please get in touch, let’s have a chat and move toward a united and better tomorrow.”

0470 628 462
Photo of Teresa Lane Teresa Lane

I love the vibrancy of our area but believe more can be done to ensure we receive our fair share of funding. Division 2 is the heart of Logan City. We host multiple federal and state departments, our council is located here and we have more community support groups offering assistance to those in need than any other division in Logan City.

Photo of Darren Lim Darren Lim

Logan City Council has just been through a tough time, we need to rebuild and renew our vision for the future. We need to keep moving forward, renewing the parks and public places, ensuring that we are all safe. By improving cameras, street lighting and creating more neighbourhood facilities this gives residents the security they need knowing they’re not alone.

0466 543 882
Photo of Reese Preston-Smith Reese Preston-Smith

My name is Reese Preston-Smith
I am running in this years local election as a INDEPENDENT for Division Two in Logan City. I have lived in Division Two for thirty eight years and for the last three with my wife Priya.
I grew up in Woodridge in a single parent family with my two brothers.

todd Walters

Division 3

Photo of Mr David Beard Mr David Beard

Accountability is one of the essential guarantees of an efficient and ethical public administration.  I  am dedicated to upholding moral values to serve competently, efficiently, honestly, responsibly, fairly and accountability for You.

0434 603 413
Photo of Mr Deva Naiker Mr Deva Naiker

I am an experienced local government Traffic Engineer and been involved in the Logan community for over 25 years. I have been a local resident and operate a family business for that time too. I am passionate to have the right representation in Council.

0412 458 783
Photo of Miss Kerry Nielsen Miss Kerry Nielsen

Kerry Nielsen is running as an independent candidate who lives near the division. She stands for honesty and integrity. She will fight to bring local representation back to the community she has grown up in and loves.

0425 572 744
James Reid
Photo of Mindy Russell Mindy Russell

Working in my own community to make it a better place has given me a unique opportunity to hear about our city’s strengths and how we could do better. I’d like to support these aspirations at a local government level, by running to become your next Councillor for Division 3.

0432 398 428

Division 4

Elizabeth Castella
Photo of Laurie Koranski Laurie Koranski

As the Division 4 Councillor, a community leader and former business owner I prided myself on listening to locals, aiding community organisations, supporting small businesses, advocating for positive change and standing up when it matters.

Kerry Ann Menck
Vincent Sawyer

Division 5

Leslie Innes
Photo of Mr Jon Raven Mr Jon Raven

I’ve loved working for the community since 2016 as the Councillor for Division 5. With your support I want to continue doing so again after the next election. Please give me a call or send me a message, I’m interested in your ideas for our city.

0499 560 995
Photo of Mike Rennie Mike Rennie

Having lived and worked in Logan for over 25 years, I am a true independent, passionate about addressing issues such as increasing youth engagement, empowering local business and promoting an inclusive community.  I believe Council is more than just rates, roads and waste management; it’s about you, us, the community.


0421 783 957

Division 6

Photo of Mr Tony Hall Mr Tony Hall

Tony Hall is your local candidate for Division 6. Living and working in Logan for more then a decade his career with government and his strong understanding of Logan City Council has helped many residents. He is a great choice for a local voice in council.

0427 994 713
Photo of Tabitha Karp Tabitha Karp

A community needs support, & by extension dynamic facilities within each locality in order to encourage adults & children to exit their homes & inter-mingle as a community. We need to begin a dialogue about how to better our existing & future facilities/public transport & how to achieve a better sense of community.

0421 314 939
Photo of Mike Latter Mike Latter
0477 425 050
Luke Moore
Photo of Kirsty Petersen Kirsty Petersen

Logan needs Councillors with vision to grow jobs, improve infrastructure (bikeways, footpaths, roads, public transport), balance development and environment and take our City into a clean, prosperous future.  Kirsty sees the opportunities and has courage and integrity to listen and represent all of us.

Photo of Maree Robbins Maree Robbins

My interest in truly representing the people of Division Six ethically and diligently supporting our business, sporting and community organzations. Encouraging economic investment and small business prosperity by implementing practical long term solutions for the Logan community.

0403 333 642
Photo of Shane Thornthwaite Shane Thornthwaite

Division 6 has lacked representation in council for quite some time now. Through positive community engagement, I will represent the residents in council always putting the community needs first, and pursue the best possible outcomes to make our community the best it can be.


0419 219 011

Division 7

Photo of Anoushka Arro Anoushka Arro

I feel it is helpful to have councillors who know where,what and how things were in the past to be able to assist the new councillors in where things need to go, going forward. As having knowledge is most useful to where the council was and where it needs to be as a collaborative cohesive team for the city.

0499 993 404
Haigen Bamford
Photo of Lee Cox Lee Cox
0413 024 925
Photo of Tim Frazer Tim Frazer

I have lived in Logan for a many years with my wife and our son. For us, Logan is such a vibrant, diverse and exciting place to live and work. The parks and facilities make for a fantastic lifestyle, but it’s the people and community spirit that sets this area apart from others.

0480 199 901
Photo of Clinton Pattison Clinton Pattison

Clinton is running to be the next Councillor for Division 7 on Logan City Council. After all of the issues surrounding the Council, Clinton is running to be the fresh start for our community on the next Council.

0403 427 397
Photo of Hale Saafi Hale Saafi

Qualified Mechanical Fitter & Turner trade person working in the Water and Waste Water industry and plastic recycling for 15 years. Please checkout commitment for Division 7 on page posts.

Photo of Janine Walford Janine Walford

Having spent almost the last 30+ years living between Beaudesert and Browns Plains I have watched the city grow. I have been working at Logan City Council for the last 11 years working with the infrastructure planning team.
I have a Diploma of Project Management and a Certificate in Public Engagement (IAP2).

0497 598 202

Division 8

Photo of Peter Brackstone Peter Brackstone

I’ve lived in Division 8 for 20 years, establishing my business here and helping the local community and other small businesses to grow.  With the right Council, Logan can flourish and I’d like to give my skills and experience to the people of Logan to make this happen.

Photo of Mr Elijah Buol Mr Elijah Buol

Elijah is your strong local voice for Division 8. Since arriving in Australia in 2002, Logan has been his home. As a long term resident of Regents Park, Elijah is involved in the local community and is ready to be the next Councillor for Division 8.

0423 040 875
Photo of Mr Jacob Heremaia Mr Jacob Heremaia

I grew up in Logan and am excited to offer a fresh voice for our city as a candidate for Division 8.
My first job was washing dishes at the local fish and chip shop. Like many, I started a full time job after leaving high school. I now work as a project manager and believe that nothing comes without hard work.

(07) 3085 4352
Photo of George Kolic George Kolic

As a 40 year local, I know that with a Council full of new Councillors we need a local to make sure that our Council delivers what we need for our great part of western Logan

0439 755 961
Photo of Kylie Slater Kylie Slater

I’m running as a candidate in Division 8 to be your voice, to always be available and to take action for our local area, with honesty and integrity.

I’m a hardworking mother of 3 and I know the value of a safe, equipped and vibrant community for our children, friends and families to thrive in.

0449 259 543

Division 9

Photo of Scott Bannan Scott Bannan
0417 127 287
Photo of Helen Cowley Helen Cowley

Hi I am a candidate for Division 9 – the heart of Logan South. I am a 30 year resident of Munruben. Totally independent and self funded. 25 years as business consultant and coach.My Focus on Business, transport and Shaping the Future of Logan.

0418 769 531
Photo of Robert Lye Robert Lye

If elected, I am committed to serving the residents of Division 9 with honesty, integrity and high morals and working towards ensuring the future of our great city is secure  for our future generations.

0418 722 554
Photo of Rob Morris Rob Morris

I am pleased to announce I will be running as your local Candidate in Division 9 – Logan City Council March 2020 Elections. I will make every effort to work hard to build a Safe and Stronger Community for all residents.

0422 199 208
Photo of Matthew Owens Matthew Owens

I am running for Division 9 as I see big changes happening around us without the infrastructure that is required. I will fight for infrastructure, services, community groups and great public spaces.

0432 235 692
Richard Toy

Division 10

Photo of Mr Scott Beattie Mr Scott Beattie

I am a born and bred Logan boy, still living in Division 10 with my family. After running a multi-award-winning mortgage broking business for 15 years, it’s time to give back to the community that has given me so much. Volunteer lifesaver for 10 years and former Triathlon Australia Representative

0402 720 613
Photo of Joshua Hanbidge Joshua Hanbidge

Josh has called Logan home for over 25 years, which drives his passion and enthusiasm for the City. He brings energy and vision with a community-minded approach for Division 10, aiming to truly represent the voice of the residents.

0405 620 449
Bruce Laker
Photo of Miriam Stemp Miriam Stemp

With a genuine interest and concern for what really matters to our community both now and for the future, a broad skill base, and a determination to make a difference, I believe I can be a great Councillor for Division 10, and an integral part of a fresh start for Logan.

0497 501 421

Division 11

Photo of Bryan Bartlett Bryan Bartlett
Photo of Kathleen de Leon Kathleen de Leon

Candidate for Division 11, Logan City and founder of Gotta Love Logan.
Passionate, community person who will always stand up for her community.
As a mother of three who is raising her family in Logan, I know first-hand how great this city is, and that we don’t always get a fair go.

Photo of Natalie Wilcocks Natalie Wilcocks

I will listen, consult and be transparent with the community and my constituents. I will first and foremost always work for the residents of Division 11 to ensure that we are no longer the ‘forgotten division’ of the Logan City Council and I will work to bring our community together to ensure that we belong and are heard within the Logan City Council. 

0491 743 141

Division 12

Photo of Mr Nate Hamon Mr Nate Hamon

Campaign for Community Leader Nate Hamon in his run to represent Division 12 Logan City incorporating Eagleby, Beenleigh and Mt Warren Park.

0438 586 272
Photo of Chris Moore Chris Moore

I believe we deserve much better from our council. For too long, we have been taken for granted. Our council became an embarrassment while our living costs and rates continued to rise.
It’s time to have a council that listens and works for us. That’s why I’m running as your local independent candidate in the upcoming local government election on 28 March 2020.

0474 235 137
Photo of Mrs Karen Murphy Mrs Karen Murphy

It has been a privilege to serve our community as a volunteer for many years, however now is the time for me to take it to the next level and run as an independent candidate for the upcoming Logan 2020 Elections in Division 12.
​As the 2017-2019 President of the Beenleigh, Yatala Chamber of Commerce, my role has seen me be part of the growth and progress so far in Division 12.

0412 589 713
Photo of Axel Pfuhl Axel Pfuhl

Axel Pfuhl a recently retired 40 veteran Police Officer (served in Beenleigh area) has been a long-term local in the Beenleigh Area (43 years), raising his family in the area including our schools. Axel Pfuhl has NO TOLERANCE FOR CORRUPTION & “The Courage To Lead When Others Won’t”


0427 005 747
Photo of Belinda Thompson Belinda Thompson

I sincerely believe I can make a positive difference & I will always have the best interests of its residents, businesses and community groups at heart. I believe in a fair deal & providing opportunities and ensure strong advocacy for all of Logan City.

0412 478 870

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