The name NightLight is well known in the Logan community and something that has become a well-loved organisation. Over the past few years the charity has grown to what it is now and the work the team does is second to none.

Every Thursday night at the Beenleigh train station, providing the weather is good, a healthy number of volunteers fill the car park with tables, chairs, singing, free meals, clothes and much more. They all do this because they care about the people in the City of Logan.

The work starts well before the 6:30pm kick off with food preparation, rosters of volunteers and all of the normal weekly organising to make this happen.

What was a surprise to me was the selection of food being given away to hungry mouths. There were the very Aussie snags and onions on bread with some sauce but there was also trays of other food which changes each week.

On top of all of that, there is coffee and drinks and food to take home. Some nights there is even dessert which could be anything, but always good.

Other charity groups and businesses come down to support the NightLight team and give away clothing, drinks, offer medical attention and even a place to get a nice shower.

Johnny Porter and his wife Michaela lead the team on the street and it is easy to see they are well loved and respected by all who attend. They both put in countless hours to the organisation and have really created a wonderful environment for people to stop by and feel safe.

The night is for anyone who would like some company, some food or just a place to get out of the house and be in a safe and loving area said Johnny.

“We just want to let people know we are down here (Thursday nights) and that we care about you.

“We’d love to invite you to come down any Thursday night at the Beenleigh train station from about 6:30pm onwards.

“There are so many organisations that make this happen and we want to thank the Beenleigh Market Place as they provide the car park space for us. If it wasn’t for them there would be nowhere for to have the community come together.”

The number of people who attend this weekly event shows that life is not always easy for people. While some people that stop in have places to live, a job and even a car, it doesn’t mean that they are doing great.

From talking with people, the subjects of loneliness and struggling with money came up far too often. What it shows is nights like this are very much needed for people from all backgrounds and ages and it brings the community together.

Because NightLight is a Christian charity, many believe there is a hidden agenda behind getting people to these nights. That is just not the case from what we have seen. With only one announcement which was a funny story and a blessing on the food and will of people, unless you wanted to talk about God nothing further was preached. This helps many feel relaxed at a Thursday night gathering.

You can find out more by visiting the NightLight team on their Facebook page.

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