In a year when it’s largely been impossible to see live music both internationally and locally, it makes breaking out as a band that much harder. But there is something about music that always finds it way into our ears, even if many have never heard their songs.

Four guys from different backgrounds, two from Logan, have found their way to become a talented group of musicians known as the Tailor Made Rejects. Their aiming to be the bridge between hard rock and alt punk, so that fans of either genre can enjoy what they do.

Ryan Valley is the lead singer and guitarist who has strong and passionate vocals. With a sound that is unique to him.

Inspired by his grandmother, Ryan would sing with her in the car and that created a strong bond. While being a self-taught singer and guitar player, Ryan wants to share the magic with others as his passion for life is what drives his need to be a musician.

Tailor Made Rejects
Tailor Made Rejects

“I believe I have an innate ability to communicate with myself musically that sets the bar higher than your usual musician,” said Ryan.

“I have put myself through the paces and faced every possible challenge to date, I am what I once thought impossible, and I plan to continue down this path of unlocking more hidden abilities within the true depths of my mind.

“I do it because it’s a small window to express the inner workings of a troubled mind, but I have many avenues I plan to take as the years press forward.”

Nathan Stiffel is the bands basest and can jam it with the best of them. Born in Brisbane and moving all over the county growing up, Nathan is back in Logan. He began playing the bass guitar in the school band before moving to rock and metal.

“I just fell in love in with the music and my instrument in that time and knew that it was something I wanted to pursue, something I wanted to do,” said Nathan.

“Music is something magical that has a beautiful way of connecting people and there are just so many ways that music can make you feel and have an effect on not only you but even the world around you.

Tailor Made Rejects
Tailor Made Rejects

“The power of music is something real and we all feel it in our own unique way, yet we can all share that with everyone.”

Controlling the beat is Zak “Ziggy” Cutmore who is the bands drummer. Zak comes from a family of musical people as his entire family play an instrument. In his early years it was the guitar that took his fancy however lack of practice let him drift away.

When Zak was in high school, he did a music class where he got on the drums and fell in love with playing them.

“To me, music is stories and emotions and associating those stories and emotions with memories of your own,” said Zak.

“It’s what I love about music. I love to listen to a song and either see a dream that I want to achieve cause the song pushes me into that direction or I feel a memory that I have associated with that song.

“Ultimately, it’s the meaning of songs that you can relate to that does it for me.”

While these three guys knew each other or had met at a local gig, Ryan’s project that he was creating with his friends needed one more member.

Tailor Made Rejects
Alex and Nathan – Tailor Made Rejects

The guys began looking for that perfect person and Ryan knew that it had to be someone outside of his and the others friends’ groups. They needed an outsider.

The call went out and guitarist videos began flooding in. The guys said there was a lot of quality musicians but there was one guy who stood out. He was playing with passion and his style was intriguing.

This was when Argentina born Australian resident Alejandro “Alex” Moro joined the band, making the Tailor Made Rejects complete.

Alex took an interest in wanting to play a guitar when he watched other bands playing live. This gave him the enthusiasm to want to start.

“To make music is very different; I enjoy the creative challenge and the freedom that allows you to do anything that you want,” said Alex.

“If it sounds good for you, it’s good regardless of any theory supporting it.

“Starting from a blank page to end up creating something that you cannot even touch; it feels like magic.”

The band have been playing gigs as often as they can around Brisbane, and they make sure they practice regularly. They have played at the Back Room in Annerley, King Lear’s Throne, The Triffid, and Vinnies Dive Bar in Southport to name a few.

Zak and Ryan - Tailor Made Rejects
Zak and Ryan – Tailor Made Rejects

While Ryan writes most of the songs, it is the entire band who make the music and songs work.

“The conception of each piece almost always starts with me,” said Ryan.

“I create the skeleton of the song and pass it on to the guys to add the meat and grit required to turn it from a house jam to a studio ready hit.”

The four of them have this bond that can be seen and felt when you hang out with them. There are connections that make this band click and that click will bring them success.

In September they did their first recording session and not long after they created their first music video. The band are launching their first single Fading Colours on November 19 and they are all excited to making this step.

For a band that was formed in October 2020, they have come a long way in a time where they have had nothing but hurdles, and this shows just how strong the Tailor Made Rejects really are.

Lee talks to the guys from Tailor Made Rejects ahead of their single and music video launch.
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