In recent times, Logan has been blessed with having two dedicated donut shops that both produce quality and tasty treats.

While in different suburbs, donuts are a personal taste and so it seemed like the right thing to do was to taste them both and let you know our thoughts.

Doughnut World at Daisy Hill is a family-owned business and established itself within the community in early 2021.

Since then, the business has rapidly gained popularity with Logan residents and those who love sweet things.

There is a decent range of regular flavours, 25 of them, with eight more added recently. They also introduce new creations weekly and have them available for a limited time only. They also do some crazy looking thick shakes that do complement the donuts.

With so many flavours it is hard to choose what to have. A box of mixed is really your only option to please your tastebuds, but it all depends on how many you want to eat.

Each one that passed our lips was delightful and the filled donuts are really packed to the brim with filling. They are sweet but not overly sweet and have a bit of a bun taste. The standard glazed donuts are very much all donut.

Doughnut World
Doughnut World

The second dedicated donut shop is Dougie’s Donuts in Waterford West, with the business settling in well.

The bright red building tucked in the corner of the complex is full of so many tasty treats and they make flavours like fairy bread, Nutella sugar, iced vovo and many more.

Much like Doughnut World, Dougie’s has the same problem of deciding on what flavour to choose. But a box of six will help to settle the argument a little.

All their donuts that made their way to their new home in my tummy, were delicious. Each one tasted like a donut, and although they were not filled as much, each bite was worth the chew.

Now this is the point where I am meant to say which is better and why, but to be honest they are both wonderful. Keep going back to both magical shops and try a new flavour each week.

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