Maurice and Shirley Purser have lived in the same house in Logan for over 40 years, coming to the City of Logan in the early 80s.

Yesterday, January 24, Maurice and Shirley celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary at their home with family and friends from the neighbourhood.

Coming to Australia from New Zealand in 1977, the pair and their children travelled around Australia before deciding not to leave, setting up home eventually in Daisy Hill.

While sipping on a good quality whiskey, Maurice said “the secret to success is doing things together and tolerating each other.”

The couple told of their time in courtship and when they got married. Working in the same location, when Maurice first laid eyes on Shirley he said, “oh wow, I’ll take you out.”

From there they would be together as often as they could and would go dancing on Saturday nights together.

Maurice and Shirley Purser
Maurice and Shirley Purser

They married on 24 January 1953 at St George Church in Hamilton New Zealand.

“We had a good life in New Zealand, but we just wanted a change of scenery; that’s why we came over here, and to travel around Australia,” said Shirley.

“People were doing that in those days and it was interesting to hear their stories, so we thought we would do it to.”

In todays Ordinary Council meeting, Cr Mindy Russell acknowledged the pairs jubilee.

“I wish to congratulate Maurice and Shirley Purser on their 70th Wedding Anniversary,” said Cr Russell.

“They celebrated with many friends and neighbours and I’m sure they will be very pleased to receive a letter from us.”

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