For two years Formally Ever After has been run out of the back streets of Woodridge, in the garage of Logans Fairy Godmother, Tammy Robinson.

Before Christmas, Tammy and her family packed up their home and the charity and moved suburbs, still within Logan of course.

Now based in Kingston, one of the biggest issues facing Tammy was making sure she could continue to run the growing charity and keeping it in Logan.

At a time when the state was going through a major housing shortage and rent hike, Tammy was helped by her real estate agent to find the perfect home.

“Moving houses was hard but I tried to focus on the end result and knowing I’d need to be up and running for the kids as quick as I could,” said Tammy.

“The moving of the formal wear was mostly done by a trailer load at a time with my friend and her adult kids; big teamwork and as gentle on the formal wear as we could be.

“We just got it all here then I spent a weekend putting it all back in order.

“I probably stopped dressing students for two weeks, maybe a little less. 

“The space itself is pretty much the same size it’s just a better layout and full enclosed. The old place was great too, it dressed loads of students.

2022 was another big year for Tammy and Formally Ever After as she dressed 821 students from over 180 schools. She also dressed many extra people for other formal events including a very special wedding party.

“I am happy in this location, but my end goal will always be having my own place instead of renting.

“Having Formally Ever After even bigger and better so we help more families, but definitely in the Logan area.”

Tammy was recently nominated for the City of Logan Australia Day Awards 2023 – Citizen of the year category. These awards will take place on Thursday January 26.

Since Formally Ever After started, Tammy has helped over 2500 students and individuals and continues to do so right from her home in Logan.

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