In late November, councillor for division 3 Mindy Russell pulled a Jurassic Park and brought back her dinosaur trailer to the area, but it has since disappeared.  

Known as the Democrasaurus, the city first saw this creation in 2020 during Cr Russell’s campaign and it was soon loved by many.

Cr Russell would park the dinosaur filled trailer around the division with her name and face plastered all around to let locals know she was putting her hand up to be their next representative.

By popular demand, the Democrasaurus sprung back to life for the holiday season wearing its favourite shirt and dawning a Santa hat.

However sometime between 5:30pm December 7th and 9am December 8th the Democrasaurus has become extinct when it was stolen from Winnetts Road Daisy Hill.

When asked if council may have taken the trailer because of how and where it was parked, Cr Russell laughed: “It wasn’t them I have checked.”

The Democrasaurus is no stranger to danger as during the floods earlier this year, the Democrasaurus just survived keeping its head above water.

Democrasaurus Flood
Democrasaurus Flood

When posting on Facebook about the missing trailer, locals are disgusted and angry that the trailer has gone missing.

Luke Alan said: “What the hell? I’ll be on the lookout. The Democrasaurus is a local treasure and needs to be rescued at once,” while David Strull posted: “They didn’t just steal from Councillor Mindy Russell, they stole from all of us. That Dinosaur is a neighbourhood mascot.”

The trailer theft has been reported to police and if you know the whereabouts of the Democrasaurus, contact police or Cr Mindy Russell directly.

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